P. 9

profound humility. These virtues, practised to a heroic degree,
               canonize the soul, acknowledging her a saint, not on earth, I
               mean,  where  genuine  saintliness  is  more  often  taken  for
               madness,  foolishness  and  mental  illness,  but  in  Heaven,
               where there is no shadow of error. I mean to say, in the sight
               of  God  who  is  Wisdom  and  Truth  incarnate.  Indeed,  God
               himself will sanctify the soul and he will then canonize her as a
               saint before the whole of Heaven’s Court, presenting her to all
               the Blessed as the dearest object of his joy, rejoicing over her
               and  taking  delight  in  her  in  the  sight  of  the  whole  Court  of
               Heaven, and she is by all the Blessed admired and loved as a
               most cherished companion and a most beloved sister. It is true
               that the Blessed love all of us still in life’s journeying as images
               of  God,  in  whom  is  all  their  bliss.  But  they  love  much  more
               those who, they know, are more greatly loved by God, and it is
               these  souls  who  love  so  deeply  that  they  desire  to  have
               among them. And so it must be a great happiness for a soul to
               be  treated  here  on  earth  as  the  refuse  of  the  world,  but  in
               Heaven, where truth prevails, to be regarded as a dear sister.
               A thousand times welcome, then, are humiliations that will turn
               into  eternal  happiness!  ...  The  soul  must  remain  in  an
               unbroken  awareness  of  God,    submerged  and  sunken,  as  it
               were, in the infinite abyss of his love, made manifest to us in
               the  Incarnation  of  the  Divine  Word,  the  greatest  work  that
               Almighty God himself could do, a Mystery that leaves the most
               highly-intelligent  beings  of  Heaven  amazed  and  lost  in
               admiration.  This  can  be  clearly  seen  in  the  Heavenly
               Messenger,  when  he  announced  the  Incarnation  to  the
               Blessed Virgin Mary, she asked in profound humility:

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