P. 4

gentle Jesus, by saying so don’t you get for yourself the bitter
            drink?» Jesus in His agony says to me in reply: «Beloved soul,
            I  thirst,  that  is,  I  most  ardently  desire  that  all  creatures  may
            come  and  find  rest  in  my  Heart,  by  plunging  into  my  infinite
            love, and that will be for me a most welcome water that will
            refresh my ardour, quench my thirst and soothe my wounds,
            whereby my most painful death will be made most sweet».

            That is the answer given me by Jesus dying on the Cross, and
            who of us will be so unfeeling as to refuse to give his loving
            Father this last comfort?
            My God, let that never come to be: do take my will, my heart,
            my soul, my intellect, for all is yours, my God! Let the burning
            flames of Divine Love melt me and turn me into a refreshing
            drink to quench your burning thirst. How happy I would be, my
            dearly-beloved  Jesus,  if  I  could  give  you  this  tiny  comfort  in
            your terrible pain!

            Oh my  soul,  if  you  want to  be a  sweet  drink  for  a  God,  you
            must  give  up  every  other  love,  you  must  be  humble,  self-
            denying,  patient,  disposed  to  die  totally  to  your  natural
            inclinations, in the pursuit of all the virtues.

                  The pure, perfect essence of love consists in voluntary
            suffering,  in  the  practice  of  virtues,  in  profound  humility  and
            self-abasement, in never seeking esteem and appreciation, in
            ceaseless  mortification  both  internal  and  external,  and  in
            perfect poverty of spirit. There is no other holiness-of-life here

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