P. 6

habit  of  these  virtues,  provided  every  act  is  done  with  an
            intense  and  perfect  love,  there  will  be  derived  from  them  a
            perfect habit that surpasses in perfection any particular act.
            In  that  case,  a  virtue  that  has  grown  into  a  habit  will prevail
            over particular acts, and love will then rule and have its way
            over that habit itself, never letting any act be done unless it be
            directed and handled by it. Thus, virtues are handmaids and
            love is their absolute Lord.
            There is no way of knowing pure love in and for itself, but we
            can make it out through real virtues: only by that means can
            we come to know if our love is true or false. It is very difficult to
            know  what  pure  love  is;  however,  I  shall  tell  the  little  that  I
            know about it.
            By pure love we mean disinterested love, a love that has no
            other aim than that of pleasing its God, simply because God
            deserves it, for being the good God he is. I suppose that pure
            love is found essentially in God alone because He is pure love

            itself,  a  pure,  ardent  love  ever  aflame  in  himself  and  in  His
            affections.  In  himself,  because  he  is  infinitely  loving,  issuing
            out  without  ever  leaving  the  two  fiery  furnaces,  that  is,  the
            Heart of the Eternal Father, and Divine Son, and from there is
            sent  to  his  creatures.  And  so,  by  setting  them  on  fire  he
            sanctifies  them,  and  by  sanctifying  them  he  inflames  them
            ever  more,  rendering  them,  through  the  continuance  of  this
            love, so pure and spotless that they become for him a garden
            of delight, and at this point the soul is so deeply possessed by
            God that it cannot know itself outside God, and lives so dead
            to its own creatureliness that it seems to be made divine.

                                       - 748 -
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