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                     When  the  love  of  God  is  at  work  in  a  soul,  it  at  times
               seems  maddening,  so  vehement  it  is!  Oh  God,  the
               forcefulness of it! It is like being in the midst of a furnace that
               reduces  everything  into  ashes.  However,  the  characteristic

               effect  of  this  love  is  that  of  driving  the  soul  to  humble  itself
               profoundly, lower than any other creature: of making it desire
               to be held in contempt and abasement and crave a thousand
               afflictions and crosses. These are the unmistakable signs that
               God’s  love  is  reigning  in  a  soul;  and  this  soul,  so  fully
               possessed by divine love, breaks down and reduces to nothing
               all  obstacles  that  come  in  its  way,  threatening  to  impede  its
               pursuit of the most perfect love.
                     The loving soul is in love with its supreme Good, but is
               always  thirsting  for  more  of  it.  It  strives  to  love  beyond  its
               powers, with an unquenchable thirst for a greater capacity for
               love: she loves beyond what it lives of, nor does it live in itself
               but wholly in its Beloved. Its life is a ceaseless death because,
               as it does not live merely where it lives, it can be said that it

               lives  continually  of  God  and  in  God.  When  our  Divine
               Redeemer was in mortal agony he cried out: I thirst . «Ah! My

               1    Original in Latin “Sitio”.

                                          - 745 -
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