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Letter 134

                           TO LUCIA & GIULIA ROMELLI
                       She sends the Novena of the Betrothal of Mary.

                  Dearest Sisters in Jesus Christ,

                  I had forgotten to send you the practices for the Novena
            of  the  Betrothal  of  the  Blessed  Virgin  Mary,  so  I  am  hastily
            sending  them  to  you  now,  with  the  request  that  you  inform
            also, as usual, the four Sisters close by: that is, Mora Sisters,

            M. Vertova and Rizieri.
                  I have reminded the Nuns about your Corporals, but due
            to the unfavourable time, they are not ready yet.
                  I leave you to hear the preaching of the Holy Missions,
            with my wishes to you of abundant fruit everywhere. In great
            haste I sign off, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

                  Lovere, 13 January 1826

                                                  Your poor Sister
                                              BORTOLAMEA OF JESUS

            To Esteemed Ladies
            (urgent, please)    CIVIDATE.

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