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Today  I  offered  my  holy  Communion  for  you.  When  I
            asked my Lord in the Sacrament what he expected  from  his
            Lucia, it seems to me that he warmly recommended his own
            cause: that is, that in this distressing Carnival time you must
            do your utmost to prevent offences to Him and to gain for him
            the conversion of some soul. Set your heart on doing this, for
            Jesus  truly  deserves  it,  and  you  are  very  fortunate  in  doing
            something that is so dear to him.

                  I cannot keep from you the happiness I feel at the sight of
            so much progress in our Pious Union. I assure you that all my
            fellow members in my home town are all afire with holy love,
            eager to do a good deal and very happy to be members of this
            devout  Union.  The  girl  you  proposed  to  replace  the  one  who
            died, has not obtained the approval of Rev. Superior. I myself
            proposed five  names  to  him:  two  of  them  were  accepted  and
            three were not. The Lord knows what he disposes, and so let us

            be  happy  to  do  His  will.  I  told  Don  Bosio  that  we  wanted  to
            make  up  the  required  number,  and  he  answered  that  with
            regard to the five or six still lacking, he knew where best to find
            them, and that he has them already in mind if, he added, all of
            you agree to it.
                  I hope I will soon be able to send you some practices for
            Carnival Time: it is indeed appropriate that our Pious Union be
            committed to draw souls to Jesus.
                  I should like you to do me an act of kindness: that is, to
            pray Rev. Fr. Ballardini to send you without delay the booklet
            on the Company of St Aloysius. The Religious to whom I had

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