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Letter 133

                                   TO A PRIEST
                          Condolence on the death of his father.


                  Very Reverend Father,

                  I am at a loss how to start this letter. On the one hand I
            am sorry to bring back to mind a thing that weighs so heavily
            on  your  heart;  on  the  other  hand  my  duty  to  share  in  your
            distress impels me to mention it, though I am sorry I have to
            do so. My dear ones at home and I were grieved to hear of the

            unexpected  demise  of  your  good  Father,  and  this  makes  it
            even  more  difficult  for  me  to  find  fitting  words  of  comfort  to
            you, Reverend Father.
            The  only  comforting  thought  I  can  offer  you  in  your
            bereavement is that God’s Will, however hard and painful, is
            yet  always  loveable,  for  God  does  everything  for  the  best.
            Besides, you have good reason to be comforted at the thought
            of the virtuous life of your good Father, for which there is no
            doubt that God has willed to reward him.
               Do all you can to raise your spirits, for God is watching over

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