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lent it was unable to copy out the whole of it and now with his
               group he has already come to the end of seven weeks,  and
               several times he begged me to lend it to him again. It is true
               that I have a copy of it myself, but it is not exactly the same,
               and so he must have the same booklet again. Please give Fr
               Ballardini  my  sincere  regards  and  tell  him  to  excuse  me  for
               hurrying him, and to commend me to God.
                     A thousand wishes to all our dear fellow members.
               Commend me to the prayer of each one of them. I expect to
               have a letter from you soon. With the prayerful wish that we be
               wholly consumed by the Holy Love of Jesus Christ.

                     Lovere, 1  January 1829.

                     P.S. I almost forgot to tell you that on the 4  instant Rev.
               Superior  is  starting  the  Spiritual  Exercises  to  the  Sodality.  I
               earnestly  commend  him  to  your  kind  prayer,  that  they  may
               bear good fruit. Please pray and make others pray hard. For
               all that you tell me in your letter I will give you a reply as soon
               as I can. So long, then.

                                                Your poor and unworthy Sister
                                                 BORTOLAMEA OF JESUS

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