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Letter 135

                                  TO LUCIA CISMONDI
                     About a letter lost - Don Bosio to be consulted on a matter.

                     Dearest Sister in the charity
                     of Our Lord and of Mary,

                     I have received your most welcome letter. It brought me

               much joy, with  its fresh assurance  of  your kindness to me. I
               assure  you  that  from  me  you  have  back  what  is  yours,  with
               interest. If I am unable to write to you frequently, it is not that I
               forget  you,  believe  me,  but  rather  due  to  additional  small
               engagements that rob me of all my free time. Relying on your
               goodness, I hope you will remain close to me all the time.
                     I was surprised to hear that you have not received the
               paper  with  the  practices  for  Carnival  time.  Maybe  it  was  my
               mistake: I may have intended to send it but never did  so. In
               any  case,  please  let  me  know  if  you  have  received  a  letter
               from me in which I mentioned the result of a holy Communion I
               offered for you, and in the same letter I had made a brief hint
               on the fellow member Ferrari. As far as I can remember, I had
               enclosed the paper in that letter.

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