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you and your family. He will be a Father to you, and will help
               you at all times.
                     All at home pay their respects to you and share in your
               grief. Camilla takes the liberty of sending you the holy picture
               of  St  Aloysius  Gonzaga,  which  she  had  promised  you  long
               ago. She is also returning your books with heartfelt thanks and
               the assurance that you have done her a good turn.
                     Give my sincere regards to your Sister. Please tell her to
               commend me to the Lord though I do not have the pleasure of
               knowing her personally.
                     Wishing you all blessedness from Heaven and begging
               you to commend me to God, I have the honour to be

                     Lovere, 2 January 1829.

                                                   Your devoted Servant
                                                BORTOLAMEA CAPITANIO

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