Page 18 - LETTER 1829_1830
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If you did receive the letter, it means that I forgot to send you
            the paper. What I fear is that the letter might have got lost, and
            I would be especially sorry about that.
                  I shall without delay ask Rev. Superior to come here, if
            he agrees to have you with others gather here as well; I will try
            to let you know soon what he says.
                  Fellow  members  here  send  you  their  warm  wishes;
            please give our best wishes to fellow members there.
                  Wishing you all that is good, I am

                  Lovere, 21 January 1829.

                                                  Your poor Sister
                                              BORTOLAMEA OF JESUS

                  urgent, please
            To Esteemed Lady
            LUCIA CISMONDI

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