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YEAR 1829

                                      Letter 132

                                  TO LUCIA CISMONDI
               She  reassures  her  friend  of  her  special  love  -  Tells  her  about  Holy
               Communion  offered  for  her  -  Progress  of  the  Pious  Union  -  She
               recommends the Spiritual Exercises to be conducted for the Sodality.

                          HAIL TO THE MOST HOLY NAME OF JESUS

                     My most gentle Sister
                           in the charity of Our Lord,

                     Praise and thanks to the gracious Jesus who grants me
               this moment to spend in sweet conversation with the dearest
               of all my Sisters. It’s a long time since I last wrote to you. To
               me it seems very long indeed, because you are so dear to me.
               I  need  not  tell  you  that  the  reason  for  my  delay  was  not
               disregard  for  your  person,  because  if  you  thought  so  you
               would be doing me a real wrong. Rather, other engagements
               robbed me of the time I would have devoted to writing to you.
                     I  have  greatly  appreciated  your  last  letter.  It  shook  me
               quite a bit out of my coldness in the service of God. For charity’s
               sake, when you have time do write to me and reproach me for
               my negligence in loving God. I need it very badly.

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