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Letter 137

                                  TO LUCIA CISMONDI
               Thoughts on Heaven - She urges her to found the Sodality of St Aloysius
               -  to  comfort  the  Heart  of  Jesus  -  Her  fear  of  abandoning  Him  -  She
               promises new rules for the Pious Union.

                        HAIL TO JESUS AND HIS MOST HOLY CROSS

                     My most gentle and beloved Sister,

                     It is with great joy that I sit down to write this letter. When I
               speak and talk with you, my gentle Sister, a sense of gladness
               settles in my heart and a sweet delight comes over my whole
               being. How will it be then if I have the blessedness of enjoying
               your company in Heaven? ... O dear Homeland!  ... Your very
               name is sweet! ... At the thought of it our heart overflows with
               joy. Is it drawing near, perhaps?... If you go first, remember me,
               I beg of you; I will do the same for you if I am fortunate enough
               to be the first to step into Heaven.
                     I  have  received  all  your  letters  and  also  the  booklet
               about St Aloysius. I am glad that my letter with the practices
               for Carnival Time attached to it has reached you at last.
               I trust you have received another letter of mine with a copy of

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