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Letter 25

                             TO MARIANNA VERTOVA
                            She has not been keeping so well.

                              HAIL TO JESUS AND MARY

                  My dear Sister,
                                              Lovere, 13 February 1826.

                  You have guessed: I was sick, and I am still out of sorts
            though I have been up and doing for several days now. All this
            time, you were always in my thoughts and three or four times
            in the night I even dreamt about you. I was very sorry I could

            not write to you, as there are many things I am anxious to tell
            you,  but  my  natural  laziness  and  listlessness  prevented  me
            from  doing  so.  I  shall  write  to  you  at  greater  length  on
            Saturday, and I will explain what I had promised you, provided
            I  am given permission  to  sleep  less  than  I  am  told  to  at  the
            moment, because at present I have no time left free.
                  May God grant you abundant graces in this Season of
            Lent,  and  for  you,  also  of  Spiritual  Exercises.  This  is  my
            heartfelt wish for you. Please pray the Lord for me, too, so that
            during this time, in which He is granting me some little cross, I
            may not abandon Him because of it.

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