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Letter 27

                             TO DON ANGELO BOSIO
                  She submits a method of life for her Confessor’s approval.

                  Very Reverend Spiritual Father,

                  I  could  no longer  resist  inner  inspirations  the  Lord  has
            been giving me to reform my life by drawing up a method of
            life through which all my actions could be regulated by virtue:
            by  carrying  it  out  perfectly  well  I  could  truly  please  my  most
            gentle Spouse and become a Saint.

                  I have prepared it according to the inspirations I had; I

            have  put  down  without  any  order  whatever  seemed  to  me
            most  conducive  to  saintliness.  Now  I  am  sending  it  to  you,
            Reverend Father, so that you may examine it and see if it is
            suitable for me and if you can allow me to follow it, while on
            my part I assure you that by God’s grace I am resolved to do
            my best to put it into practice in all its details. I beg you to add
            to it any omissions you consider profitable for my poor soul.
                  If  on  the  other  hand  there  is  anything  that  you  don’t
            deem suitable for me, cross it out, and I will be equally happy,

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