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Letter 24

                                TO DON ANGELO BOSIO
                            Covering letter sent with spiritual scripts.

                                 HAIL TO JESUS AND MARY

                     Very Reverend Father Confessor,

                     I  am  sending  you  a  couple  of  papers  in  which  I  have
               noted  the  defects  of  pride  I  have  committed.  I  am  enclosing
               also two more papers, with permissions I am begging you to
               give me. I beg you to be more liberal this time, since this is the
               right season for penance.
                     Along with these papers you will also find my method of
               life:  in  this  regard,  you  already  know  what  I  have  in  mind.
               However, do as you think best, according to what the Lord will
               inspire you, for I hope He has given you some inspiration for
               me as well.
                     I  earnestly  commend  myself  to  your  prayer.  With
               profound esteem and gratitude I kiss your hand and declare to

                     21 January 1826.

                                               Your devoted Daughter in Christ
                                                BORTOLAMEA CAPITANIO

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