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Letter 26

                                   TO MARIA DÒ
            She  hopes  for  better  news  about  her  health  -  Sharing  in  the  Cross  of
            Jesus is a true comfort.

                  Dearest friend of mine,

                  I wonder what news of  your health  will reach me. God
            grant that it be good; I would be very sorry if it turns out the
            opposite. However, I don’t want to give up hoping for the best.
                  Have  courage,  Maria.  You  are  on  the  cross,  and  this

            enriches you with infinite merits. Bear it gladly and thank the
            Lord  who  in  some  manner  wants  you  to  be  like  him.  How
            comforting  it is for a  person  who  loves  Jesus  Christ  to  have
            something for which she can rightly say: «In this I am like my
            dear Jesus»!
            As a matter of fact, you are now in the best situation that can
            ever be desired, because you are thus greatly pleasing to the
            Lord: He looks on you with predilection and is saying: even if
            many offend me, I have my dear Maria who suffers something
            for my sake. I tell you quite frankly that I feel jealous of you,
            and while I do feel sorry for the pain you endure, I have within

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