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Letter 28

                                  TO THE SAME
               Inspirations on the proposed transfer of her Confessor - Her full
               conformity with God’s will.

                              HAIL TO JESUS AND MARY

                  Very Reverend Father Confessor,

                  I  am  writing  this  letter  on  the  basis  of  what  I  can
            understand, and I really want to tell you quite openly what I felt
            about the matter known to you. Wednesday evening and that
            same night, I tried hard to convince myself that it may still be
            God’s will that you remain here, particularly when I thought of
            our  dear  Institute,  the  Hospital,  the  Oratorio ,  the  preached
            Missions, the youth, and so on, but each time a voice within
            me seemed to reply that you could do much good there, too,
            and that if God really wanted you there, you would please him
            more even if you did less work, and you would acquire greater
            merit  as  well.  I  kept  this  thought  in  mind  till  my  Holy

            Communion on Thursday.

            1    See footnote pg 55.

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