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me  a  desire  to  share  in  it,  provided  I  have  also  the  same
               patience that you have.
                     Give  my  sincere  regards  to  all  your  family,  especially
               Bortolomea.  My  Parents  send  you  their  best  wishes.  So  too
               my  sister,  Maria  Merla,  Maria  Cotti,  Maria  Cottinelli  and  all
               your friends.
                     With  this  great  desire  I  have  to  see  you,  I  commend
               myself to your prayers.

                     Lovere, 25 February 1826.

                                                Your loving and grateful Friend
                                                BORTOLAMEA CAPITANIO

               To Esteemed Lady
               MARIA DÒ

                                          - 73 -
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