Page 25 - LETTER 1826_1828
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As  soon  as  I  received  Jesus  in  my  heart,  I  started
               recommending  the  whole  matter  to  him,  and  this  thought
               struck me: «Tell him to accept God’s will totally, and that he
               should prepare to go  at his Superior’s command; and then -
               who  knows  -  God  may  do  as  he  did  with  Abraham,  just  be
               satisfied with his good will and leave him at peace».
               Then  I  thought  I  could  pray  fervently  the  Holy  Spirit  to
               enlighten the Bishop that he may discern God’s will aright and
               at the same time bring to his mind another person fit for the
               task.  This  thought  cheered  me  somewhat,  because  it  had
               come to me unexpectedly, and it seemed to me that God was
               pleased  to  hear me.  I  therefore  did my  best  to  get  as  many
               devout people as possible to pray, as a result of which I now
               owe  a  good  number  of  holy  Communions  because  I  had  to
               promise them I would do the same for them if I obtained the
               grace I sought. On my part, I did not neglect to pray hard to
               the Lord, my gentle ‘Mamma’ (Mother Mary) and also my dear

               St Aloysius. I can assure you that I seem to have prayed truly,
               and from my heart: I say this because at times it happens that
               I pray for some grace but my heart is not really in it, for I feel
               that  if  I  prayed  from  my  heart,  the  Lord  would  hear  me;  but
               even if I tried very hard, I cannot pray with my heart but only
               with the lips, and so I obtain nothing.
               But this time it was not like that. It really seems to me (unless I
               am mistaken) that I prayed more with my heart than with my
               lips.  During  my  Communion  this  morning  I  had  the  same
               thoughts as yesterday’s, and this evening, when I heard that
               the Parish Priest had gone to Brescia, being sure it must have

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