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particularly  regarding  penance  practices.  I  have  decided  to
               insert them because I felt moved to do so, trusting that if they
               are truly inspirations communicated by God, He will also give
               you  the  readiness  to  let  me  do  them;  if,  instead,  they  are
               prompted by self-love or by the devil who seeks in that way to
               prevent  a  greater  good,  in  that  case  I  too  prefer  that  you
               withhold your permission. Do what before God you deem the
               best, and I will be quite happy with everything.
                     I beg you to remember me in your prayers: this is for me
               a time of some crosses, and so I am in extreme need of your
               prayer.  Excuse  me  this  new  trouble.  Reverently  kissing  your
               hand I gratefully profess the honour to be.

                     Lovere, 26 February 1826.

                                       Your devoted Servant and Daughter in J. Christ
                                             BORTOLAMEA CAPITANIO

               To Very Rev. Father
               DON ANGELO BOSIO

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