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dear Romelli sisters; give them my warm wishes and tell them
            that I am waiting almost impatiently for a letter from them.
                  There is another thing I should like to do together with
            you, which I hope will do us much good. But before I share it
            with anyone, I wish to receive a letter from the Romellis.
                  I  cannot  fulfil  your  desire  here  and  now  with  regard  to
            what I told you: Our Lord does not want it. Meanwhile, please
            pray, and I will do as you wish some other time; practise self-
            denial. I am sending you the Crucifix blessed (with a plenary
            indulgence) at the point of death and the beads: if you recite
            the Rosary  every day,  you can receive a plenary indulgence
            once  a  month  with  the  understanding  that  you  go  to
            Confession  and receive Holy Communion any day  you wish.
            You  can  thus  gain  very  many  partial  indulgences  with  every
                  Since you want to know, the cost of the Corporal cloth
            and ‘Animetta’: they amount to 17 pence in all. I shall put off

            for another time my congratulations for the new Sodality of Our
            Lady of Sorrows.

                  Lovere, 9 January 1826.

                                                 Your loving Sister
                                             BORTOLAMEA CAPITANIO

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