Torrential and incessant rains lashed many villages of Karwar, Belgaum, Haveri and Dharwad in North Karnataka State and in other states of India. Many lost their lives, others their houses, crops and personal belongings. These were rescued and accommodated in relief centres, opened in schools, in community halls and other places. The after-effect of the floods is the rise of epidemics and various health problems. Many volunteers, associations, religious groups and other persons of good will made themselves available to reach out to thousands of persons in need of basic necessities: a shelter, food, clothing. Our Sisters, up to now have reached out to three relief camps providing free medicines and health care.

Sr. Mary Martis with other persons from «Jyoti Health Center», Mundgod, conducted medical health check up at Yerebail and Siddlegundi villages caring for 270 flood victims. Both camps were conducted in collaboration with «The Holy Cross Sisters» of Mainahalli. Sr. Felly Gomes, with the sisters, doctors and nurses from «Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital», Dharwad organized a medical Camp at Jamkandi – Asanghi, 220 kms. from Dharwad. They catered to 376 patients, who were waiting eagerly for them. As they saw the ambulance, joy appeared on their faces. Most of them were suffering from viral fevers, arthritis, malnutrition, hypertension, diabetes, and anaemia. Since the water is polluted many had skin diseases. They were provided with basic health check up and were given the needed medicines free of cost. This medical camp was sponsored by the province of Dharwad along with «Belgaum Diocesan Social Society».

We realized that, within the calamity, God makes his presence felt and he provides human resources to uplift the affected persons. This experience has boosted us to forget our own minor ailments and to live according to our charism that demands us to do everything possible, to suffer everything and even shed the blood for the good of the neighbor