Emerging needs

“I will give the poor as much material help as I can: I will do my best to find out those who are really needy, and on them I will be most lavish in my charity.”

(St Bartolomea)

In our rapidly-evolving society we look out for the truly poor, at times difficult to see beyond outward appearances, and to meet their deepest needs.

We have a preferential love for those unwanted or forsaken by society.

In conditions of solidarity and simple neighbourliness, we are available:

•   at crèches

•   at first aid centres

•   at Caritas centres, counselling centres, emergency needs centres à, (women in need, foreigners…)

•   at centres for distribution of food to the poor

•   at social welfare centres (particularly for promotion of women)

•   in prison service.

Our mission today

Wherever we are, we try to bring to fruition the “talent” given us for the benefit of our neighbour, through educational work, health care and formation to faith, while remaining alert to particular demands of our times and seeking ways most suited to the context in which we live.

We realize that inculturation is “a path we all must go by in order to be true neighbours” and do works of mercy with the same attitude of Jesus who “emptied himself, taking the form of a servant”.

In communion with him, who “came to serve”, and is always at work in human history, we take care of our neighbour putting to good use our typically-womanly resources and the virtues proper to our spirituality, training ourselves in dialogue and sharing and in collaboration with other ecclesial strengths.