Leaflets for the educational-pastoral service

Having discovered once again that evangelical strength which is at the root of the evangelical commitment of our young foundress Bartolomea Capitanio, we are urged to appreciate and to profit by the gift received in favour of the New Evangelization.
Education is a way of co-operating with it. Through this patient and painful germination, constituting the educational work, in seeking adequate answers and orientations and open to the “urgent needs” of concrete life, we contribute to make persons grow according to the new man who is Jesus Christ. At the same time, we ourselves learn to grow according to that stature which is our fullness in the Crucified Love. (madre Costantina Kersbamer).

Linee educative secondo il carisma dell’Istituto,
a cura delle SUORE DI CARITA’, Milano 1991.

This is an aid to educational work in schools, oratori, rehabilitation centres and also in everyday informal contacts.
It translates in educational terms the rich content of the founding charism and aims at promoting personality growth according to the “new man”, Jesus.

Pastorale giovanile …per progettare,
a cura delle SUORE DI CARITA’, Milano 2002.

With reference to “Linee educative …” the team of youth carers compiled fundamental lines into a number of forms for the planning work of education and pastoral care.