Sunday 2 February, after three months of absence for health reasons, I had the grace of returning to the community

and to «Meulì» house – thus writes Sr. Ida Santus – where all received me with great affection and joy.

Upon arrival at the airport, there were two girls, Alina and Ileana waiting for me with Sr. Margherita.

They expressed to me the happiness of being the first to embrace me by offering me a bouquet of flowers. An intense emotion filled my heart…

As we reached home, the surprise was unexpected, because I was welcomed

by the big and small girls with a big hand-painted banner with the word «Welcome».

After exchanging warm hugs, I was invited to read the greeting cards hanging on the walls of the recreation room;

the short personalized messages, with which they expressed their feelings for me, they provoked me to reflect and to ask myself: why all this affection for me?

I thanked the Lord who wanted me to witness to his love and I ask him to help me always to love him and make him loved through my poor, simple gestures of charity.