P. 9

19 September

                                          Day 2

                               FIRST MEDITATION - Night-time

                          Reasons for my obligation to serve God
                                   and do His holy Will

                     I did the Meditation for a ¼ of an hour only, because I
               fell asleep. As I dozed, God made me continue my Meditation,
               but it left no impression on my mind because I was too drowsy.
               I made no resolutions either.
                     When  I  woke  up  I  was  tempted  to  go  to  sleep  again
               without making my meditation, and twice or three times I felt
               like that again even as I tried to do it: for a while I resisted, but
               in the end I gave in .

                                   SECOND MEDITATION

                      On the excellence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
                                        in 3 points

                     1  On the excellence of the richness of the Sacred Heart
               of  Jesus.  2   On  the  excellence  of  its  fruits.  3   On  the
               excellence  of  the  traits  of  the  Heart  of  Jesus.  I  did  this

               1    In actual fact she went on struggling till the natural need to sleep took over.

                                          - 127 -
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