P. 8

I had very few distractions. I was moved to tears.

                  Resolutions:  To  avail  myself  of  every  means  to  do
            these  Spiritual  Exercises  well,  thinking  that  they  may  be  the

                           SECOND MEDITATION - same day

                    On Man’s last End, dividing it into three points

                  1  I have reflected on the end for which God brought me
            on earth: that in all things I may do his will and seek his glory.
            2   I  have  considered  that  to  be  perfect  I  must  direct  all  my
            actions towards that end. 3  I have realized that in this world I
            will  never  find  peace,  nor  joy  nor  tranquillity  unless  I  attend
            perfectly to that end.
                  I did this Meditation, for ¾ of an hour, sitting all through.
            I  had  few  distractions.  I  found  it  arid,  and  my  heart  was

            labouring under a certain sadness; I don’t know the reason for
            it, except that my stomach ache was worse than usual.

                  Resolutions: In every action, to have in mind the aim for
            which I should do it, that is: to honour and serve God.

                  Particular Examination of conscience. From the start of
            this Retreat, no defect comes clearly to mind, except that for a
            moment I was distracted by the thought of a new dress.

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