P. 13

Day 3

                               FIRST MEDITATION - Night-time
                                On the malice of mortal sin

                     In this Meditation I did not concern myself with distinct
               points. I simply made an effort to know the enormous ugliness
               of it and the offence done to God by it. It must have taken me
               half-an-hour or so, maybe even more. I had few distractions,
               but it did not leave much impression on me. I just tried to keep
               my mind on the subject, to keep awake.

                     Resolutions: To have horror for sin more than anything
               else, and to watch out for smaller faults lest I should fall into
               grave ones.

                                   SECOND MEDITATION

                                 On conforming our heart
                                  to that of Jesus Christ

                     1   How  every  Christian  should  resemble  Jesus  Christ.
               2   How  this  resemblance  consists  in  the  traits  of  his  Heart,
               that is: in what the heart thinks, does and loves, striving to be
               in all things like Jesus Christ. 3  On the genuine devotion to
               the  Sacred  Heart  as  an  efficacious  means  to  acquire  that
               resemblance to the virtues of Jesus Christ.

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