P. 5

An hour or two after lunch I shall devote ¾ of an hour, or
               a  whole  hour,  to  Meditation  and  end  it  with  a  visit  to  St
               Aloysius  Gonzaga:  I  shall  beg  him  to  intercede  for  me  with
               God for the salvation of my soul.
                     Soon after that, that is, after a  tea-break I shall do my
               spiritual  reading  for  another  half-an-hour,  after  which  I  pray
               Vespers and Compline of the Office of Our Lady.

                     Towards evening I shall go to the Church to pay a visit to
               Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. On my way to church I shall
               do  the  Way  of  the  Cross  and  in  church  I  shall  meditate  for
               another  ¾  of  an  hour.  After  that,  I  shall  say  my  usual  vocal
               prayers.  On  my  way  back  from  church  I  shall  recite  the
               Miserere and a few De Profundis.

                     Before going to bed I shall do the exam on the defects
               committed during the day; I shall go through this method, and
               prepare the Meditation fixed for the night. I shall lie down to
               rest  in  the  Wounds  of  Jesus,  under  the  Mantle  of  Mary.  As
               soon as I wake up during the night, I shall get up from bed and
               spend half-an-hour in Meditation, and then recite a Hail Holy
               Queen with my hands under my knees.

                     I shall note down all the inspirations and thoughts that
               have struck me most in my Meditations, as well as aspirations
               for good. I shall also write down all the defects and failings that
               the Lord will let me know of.

                     I shall keep silence throughout this period, saying only
               words that are strictly necessary; in this regard, for these few
               days, I will tread underfoot all human respect.

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