P. 6

I  will  not  admit  into  my  mind  the  slightest  thought  that
            could distract my attention, even if there is nothing bad about it
            or even if it is good in itself. I will not read nor write any letter,
            nor do anything else that would take my mind elsewhere.
                  I will jealously guard all my faculties, doing my best to
            keep my mind engaged with God. I will value self-denial and
            every  day  I  will  take  the  Discipline  for  the  duration  of  a
            Miserere and a Hail Holy Queen.
                  To do these Spiritual Exercises really well, I will imagine
            that I am about to die and that God is granting me this short
            period to put my soul in order, and so I will do everything as if I
            were  on  my  deathbed,  about  to  die,  and  that  soon,  on  my
            death, about to give an account to God for everything.


                  I humbly ask you, who represent my Divine Spouse, the

            merit of obedience and your holy Blessing.

                                Hail Jesus and Mary

                                       - 124 -
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