P. 10

Meditation  on  my  knees,  for  an  hour.  I  did  it  with  much
            tranquillity  and  joy,  so  much  so  that  the  time  passed  almost
            without  my  noticing  it,  and  I  ended  it  with  sentiments  of
            tenderness  and  love  for  the  Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus.  I  really
            understood that the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the only One that
            can fully satisfy my heart.

                  Resolutions: In all my actions to be at one with what the
            Sacred Heart of Jesus used to do, and to have deep trust in
                  During  my  Holy  Communion  I  was  also  quiet  and
            recollected. In it the Lord made me feel that He is pleased with
            my vows, that I should keep them with greater care, that they
            are  chains  that  unite  me  to  Him,  but  that  I  should  observe
            them perfectly well.
                  The spiritual reading was on the necessity of loving God
            and neighbour, and that in this holy love lies all that pertains to
            holiness and perfection. I realized that I am very far from that
                  In  my  visit  to  Jesus  in  the  Blessed  Sacrament  I  had a
            great desire to give myself wholly to Him unreservedly.

                                 THIRD MEDITATION

                      On the esteem I should have for creatures
                                     in 3 points

                  1   I  have  been  thinking  how  wisely  God  created  all
            things that I may use them as steps of a ladder to climb up to
            Him,  but  instead,  I  have  used  them  to  offend  Him.  2   I

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