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partly  to  the  large  amount  she  had  to  write  which,  come  to
            think of it, was most astonishing for a young girl who was often
            sick, very busy teaching at her own school, keeping the house
            clean or running  the Hospital, conducting ‘Oratorio’ meetings
            and  directing  so  many  Sodalities,  not  to  mention  the
            considerable  time  dedicated  to  devotional  practices  or  to
            works of charity for the benefit of her neighbour.
                  What  has  been  compiled  in  this  edition  cannot  be
            considered  complete  at  all.  Witnesses  during  the  Processes
            agree in attesting on the vast amount of her writings. Several
            of them say that for a long period of time she used to receive a
            letter from her every day. Others say that she «used to spend
            night hours writing out novenas, triduums, methods of life, etc»
            –  because  a  «constant  flow  of  requests  for  novenas,
            devotional practices and methods of life came from very many
            people,  including  parish  priests,  eminent  spiritual  directors,
            persons of high merit, and her writings were distributed in very

            many country-towns»; – «It is almost incredible how a young
            girl could do so much in her short lifespan». Lastly, it was said,
            «Her  Guardian  Angel  must  have  come  to  her  assistance  to
            enable her to write so many letters and so many other writings,
            without ever neglecting her other duties: more especially, that
            all are not only well written but also permeated with heavenly
            wisdom  and  with  evidence  of  a  life  of  holiness,  illumined  by
            God  himself».  From  these  and  similar  testimonials  we  can
            easily infer that there must have been very many more letters,
            a large part of which has unfortunately got lost.

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