Page 13 - INTRODUCTION_LETTER 1824_1825
P. 13

This  appears  more  likely  to  be  the  case  from  the  fact
               that  in  the  last  days  of  her  life  Ven.  Bartolomea  threw  a  fat
               bundle of her writings into the fire, keeping for herself only a
               prayer-book  which  she  constantly  used  till  the  very  end.
               Moreover,  we  can  suppose  that  other  papers  written  by  her
               and sent to friends who in turn passed them on to a third or
               fourth person, less careful than they to keep them safely, must
               have  either  been  destroyed,  or  gone  out  of  sight  and  out  of
               mind in such a manner that not even the best attempts of the
               Bishop of Brescia and his Curia could find them.
                     However, what does remain and is here compiled and
               offered to the public, seems more than just sufficient to nourish
               a firm hope that it will attain the purpose here intended: to the
               greater  glory  of  God  and  the  growth  in  holiness  of  other
               persons. In that case the compiler will consider himself amply
               rewarded for his humble toil.

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