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YEAR 1824

                                       Letter 1

                           TO A FORMER FELLOW BOARDER

                             Thanks and expressions of friendship.

                     Dearly beloved Friend,

                     Words fail me as I try to describe to you how my heart
               leaped for joy when your kind letter was handed to me, all the
               more  so  because  in  it  I  see  traced  out  the  characteristic
               features  of  friendship.  It  is  a  friendship  that  is  genuine  and
               true, and as such it cannot be wiped out though the persons it
               links together are physically apart and far from each other.
                     I have fond memories of you, my dear friend, and of all
               my fellow boarders you are certainly the one I remember best.
               It makes me very happy to know that by God’s grace you are
               keeping well. Same with me.
                     Perhaps you think that by now I am back in the big, wide
               world; by God’s special favour I am still in this happy Retreat

               1    St  Clare’s  Convent,  where  she  was  a  boarder  from  Autumn  1818  to  July
               1822. She stayed back as an Approved Teacher till 18 July 1824.

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