Page 10 - INTRODUCTION_LETTER 1824_1825
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they  are,  for  two  reasons:  because  the  writings  that  saints
            have  left  after  them  are  always  valuable  and  deserve  to  be
            gathered and cherished for the veneration of the faithful, and
            also  in  order  to  continue  the  beneficial  apostolic  activity  that
            the Servant of God carried out through her writings in her short
            lifespan .
                  In fact, one can hardly even imagine how much fervour
            of  spirit  and  of  a  sound  Christian  life  she  succeeded  in
            radiating  through  her  writings  in  her  native  town  of  Lovere
            itself,  all  over  the  Valle  Camonica  and  in many  other  places
            within the Dioceses of Brescia and Bergamo, not only for the
            benefit of girls and older women but also for the spiritual good
            of eminent and devout Priests, among whom it is sufficient to
            mention  Fr  Angelo  Taeri  of  the  Oratorio  of  Brescia,  Count
            Marco  Passi  and  Count  Tomini,  Archpriest  of  the  Bergamo
            Clergy  Chapter.  These  priests  turned  to  her  for  advice,  and
            were inspired to move ever ahead along the path of perfection

            by  her  suggestions  on  devout  practices  and  methods  of  life
            suited to priestly life.
                  Of  one  of  her  letters  it  is  narrated  how  it  was  passed
            around in a country-town, and its salutary effect on the people
            was, according to what the parish Priest of the place said, as
            great as that of a preached Mission. – One can therefore hope
            that an apostolic activity of that kind, spread by means of the

            1  Ven. Bartolomea Capitanio was born at Lovere on 13 January 1807 and died at
            Lovere itself at the age of 26, on 26 July 1833.

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