Page 11 - INTRODUCTION_LETTER 1824_1825
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Press over a vaster field, should reproduce a hundredfold the
               same abundant fruits.
                     No  wonder,  then,  that  the  letters  of  Venerable
               Bartolomea  were,  even  in  her  lifetime,  highly  valued  by
               eminent  Priests  of  Brescia  and  Bergamo  Dioceses,  and  that
               Bishop Nava of Brescia himself was in possession of several
               letters of hers and cherished them with jealous care.
                     In  this  regard  it  is  fitting  to  quote  what  her  Confessor
               and Rev. Parish Priest of Lovere, Don Angelo Bosio, testified
               during the canonical Processes: «To write anything at all, she
               did not need to put in much effort; her pen ran smoothly and
               speedily like water from a fountain. At times she would write
               whole booklets without having to cancel any mistake; as a rule
               she never had to make a rough copy, and there was about all
               her  writings  such  an  unction  and  spiritual  wisdom  that  they
               were held, and are still held, in great esteem, as an effective
               means to instil a deep faith and a sound piety. As I read them,

               I am impelled to repeat what I said in another place (about the
               Rules  of  a  Pious  Union  for  Priests  and  Virgins),  referring  to
               what was affirmed by Count canoeist Tomini. “These are the
               writings of a Saint” and “Saints’ things are not to be touched”».
                     With that sense of respect, in fact, her writings are kept
               as  close  as  possible  to  her  autograph  original  script,  slightly
               correcting  here  and  there  only  where  it  is  a  question  of
               grammatical  construction  or  spelling  so  as  to  render  the
               reading smoother and more pleasant. – The few defects that
               remain can be partly due to her deliberate intention to humble
               her  self-love  (she  herself  furnished  evidence  of  this),  and

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