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                     These letters were written between the years 1824 and
              1833. They are presented in chronological order.
                     In  quite  a  few  of  the  original  scripts,  due  to  the  wear-
              and-tear  of  time  or  for  some  other  reason,  the  date  or  the
              address is lacking. These could be supplied for several of them
              by means of evidence gathered from the letters themselves or
              from other sources, and the letters could also be arranged in the

              order in which they were written.
                     Letters  which  bore  insufficient  data  and  could  not  be
              arranged  in  chronological  order,  were  compiled  in  a  separate
              series,  in  alphabetical  order  of  the  surnames  of  persons  to
              whom they were addressed.
                     Titles, dates, addresses and writer’s imprint were printed
              as found in autograph-letters.
                     To  make  up  for  missing  addresses,  each  letter  is
               introduced by a brief indication on its contents. Dates inferred,
               though not found in autograph-letters, appear in brackets.


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