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                   The  present  volume  reproduces  the  vol.  I  of  the
            collected  by  Luigi  Ignazio  Mazza  sj  and  published  in  Italian  in
                   This includes the LETTERS of Bartolomea,  which Mazza
            had at  his disposal, according  to the interpretation, transcription
            and the chronological order proposed by him.
                  This collection  also  has been translated  in  English  by  Sr.
            Maximilla  Saydon,  and  revised  several  times  by  other  sisters,
            both in Italy and in India.

            Its publication follows that of the III vol. of Spiritual Writings,
            carried out in 2016 by Brilliant Printers, Bangalore. Therefore it is
            asked  to  refer  to  the  Presentation  of  that  text  (pp  II-III),  which
            explains the aim of the initiative and the care taken to make the
            format and contents correspond substantially to the numbering of
            pages of the text of Mazza and thereby to facilitate consultation.

            With regard to the present edition, it is noted:
            -     in  the  translation  the  numerous  titles  and  attributes  have
            been very often simplified - expressions of courtesy, typical of the
            times  -  reserved  to  the  addressee  of  the  LETTERS,  however
            without  disregarding  the  overall  sense,  and  those  with  which
            Bartolomea, while signing, defines herself. These latter ones were
            often popular ways of saying, written at times using acronyms that
            are  difficult  or  it  is  not  always  possible  to  retrieve  the  correct
            -     the  use  of  capital  letters,  very  persistent  in  Bartolomea,
            does not follow  any  precise rule. It should also  be kept in mind
            that for an exact comparison, we do not have at our disposition a
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