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P. 3

                            si iis ad quos spectat ita videbitur.
                               Mantova, 4 January 1904.
                                                            J.B. Rossi S.J.
                                                                    Praep. Prov. Ven.

                                    Nihil obstat

                        ANGELUS Adv. MARIANI S.R.C. Assessor.


                   In obedience to the decrees emanated by His Holiness Urbano
            VIII  and  issued  by  the  S.R.U.  Inquisizione,  the  author  affirms  that  he
            attributes no authority to what is said nor to the appreciation contained in
            this book  other than what is given or what will be given by the Roman
            Catholic and Apostolic Church, to whom it is his honour to totally submit.

                                 Copyright reserved
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