The «istituto Margherita» has always focused on the formation of the students through reflection sessions on different topics. The period in which we are living
challenges the concept of fraternity forces us to a kind of individualism, but it opens our eyes to the different values to pass on to the new generations.
Therefore, we have decided to spend the month of October deepening and living the missionary dimension and fraternity.
The students of the high school, before starting the lessons, used to recite together the prayer composed for the world missionary day, to think about
their personal story as a big loom in the hands of God. At times, its threads may be fragmented, but solidified at the intersection by the threads of the many
brothers and sisters they encounter each day,manufacturing «a unique tablecloth, weaved for the banquet of life». To each of the five classes was entrusted
a continent, represented on the door of the classroom. During the lessons, they have experimented how fraternity is made of small acts, respect for the rules but,
above all, they discovered that the other is a gift for each one of us, like a little mission where one can settle and live. They have manufactured some weavings
with stripes of coloured paper, interweaved in a white frame, creating symbolically the texture of their relations, noticing that the more the stripes were
interweaved among them the more the textile was stable.
On 21 and 22 the pupils of the first and second classes met, through the zoom platform,two missionary fathers in Tanzania (Africa)and South America. After having
explained the meaning of the missions and why they have decided to dedicate their life for this apostolate, the missionaries have illustrated, through video and
photos a glimpse of the life in the areas where they work. On one side the clay houses, the schools without desks and chairs, the dirty roads;
on the other side the joy of living, the calmer working times, the great significance that the Eucharistic Celebrations has for them, once a month or
even once in a year. The two priests have also invited the students not to underestimate school because the possibility to be able to study and to choose
one’s future career is a great gift. Instruction is a very rare opportunity for the children of the poor continents who are aware that it represents a ransom
for each one of them and for the Country in which they live. All the students were interested in learning about the missionary charism because they are sure
that these experiences strengthen the desire of fraternity.