It seems like a dream… Last August the community of «St Gerosa Convent» made apostolic discernment about the dispensary almost unused. There were various proposals to use the building and one of them was to make it function as an extension of another hospital for Covid patients.  On 25 April a doctor – an ex-student of our diocesan school – working in the Government hospital as well as in a private one came to survey the dispensary and he thought that it was suitable for Covid quarantine. On the same day, the community examined the proposal and expressed a  positive opinion. On the next day the provincial superior, Sr. Alphonsa Vattoly K. was consulted and she too approved the plan, recommending us to be careful about the risks. On the 26th, we shifted the equipment and medicines of the dispensary to another place and gave the  establishment for the renovations requested by the change of use; we made a contract with the doctors for three months. On the 27th, some patients were admitted and the dispensary once again came alive. The health officer, after the positive inspection, appreciated our gesture; we  replied that this is our contribution to the emergency that society is living. None of us is specialized in the medical field but we assured them that we will accompany the new work with our prayer, like Moses who stretched out his arms to the Lord while Joshua was fighting. Doctors and other staff are available 24 hours a day and after a week 12 patients recovered and were discharged; one of them was above 80 years and seriously ill. Those who come with minor problems are given medication and recommended home quarantine. The community is happy about contributing to save the life of some persons and thus to be useful to society, which is going through worrying conditions.