Remember the end of your life… (Sir 28: 6)

A beautiful phrase! Think of the end! Think that you will be in a coffin… and will you take hatred there? Think of the end, stop hating! Stop the resentment. Let us think of this very touching phrase. Remember the end of your life, and cease from enmity”.  (Pope Francis, Angelus 13 September 2020)

The continuing pandemic CORONA VIRUS has in fact has made us more aware of our fragility, the uncertainty and brevity of our life. The month of November dedicated to remembering our dear departed becomes also an invitation to remember our own end. We are pilgrims on a journey with a clear goal: to reach our heavenly home. So along with praying for our dear ones, let us also take time to look back at our own lives and feel impelled to make the best of it, a pleasing offering to God.