I tried to place my heart and spirit at the foot of the Cross of Jesus

and in silence

I listened to what my Crucified Love was saying to me.

I realized how great Jesus’ love for me was,

 In order to save me,

he bore so many torments and died on a cross.

I had a great desire to do something in return

for a God who died for me,

and the most pleasing thing that came to mind was

to die to myself and to my will for his sake…

I have been deeply impressed by the supreme charity of my God.

There he is, on the Cross, about to die out of the pangs of pain,

and when he does open his mouth,

 the first words he utters are a prayer to the Eternal Father

to forgive those who crucified him,

telling Him, by way of excusing them,

that they do not know what they are doing.

Only the Heart of a God can hold in itself such charity.

Now I understand

how the world can remain in existence

 though in danger at any moment to collapse

 due to the grievous sins committed in it:

 the Blood of Jesus, his Wounds cry out for mercy.

Jesus my love inspires me with an immense confidence

 that through his merits my sins will be forgiven!

What should I do for you, my God? …