Here I am at the start of a New Year once more…

My heart leaps with dreams ever new

as I look to the horizons that open before me!


I have known all along these past years

that I cannot walk through it alone

but with you Lord, I am confident.

I am not sure what this year holds for me

but I trust in your love.


Lead me Lord wherever you will and I shall follow;

only leave me not alone in the world’s dreary ways.

Yes lead me where you will;

with you by my side

and your unfailing grace upholding me 

i shall walk one day at a time.

Lord lead me on, I pray!

     - Sr.  C. Angeline SCCG



Photo from http://novoibjc.produtoraalphanet.com.br/mobile/espiritual/noticias/o-fruto-do-espirito