Every year Christmas comes … and this year too it is here!

What is my mind occupied with? Let us pause for a moment to look into ourselves…

      • Is it about setting up the most modern crib ever seen?

      • Is it about how to keep a macro-star on the top of my house?

      • Is it about how to decorate a giant size Christmas tree with dazzling illuminations that would impress every passer-by?

      • Is it about where to buy a dress of latest fashion to be worn on Christmas night? or

      • Is it about the number of Christmas parties to be attended or the gifts to be packed?

May be it is time to remind ourselves, that Christmas for sure is not only about all these above mentioned things

but it is first and foremost about the Christ who comes, who ever comes.

Yes, he, that little Babe of Bethlehem is the heart of Christmas.

In a world that is impressed by appearances and achievements,

the manger where Jesus was laid speaks of essentiality that can give meaning to life:

a place to be born


persons who are ready to welcome life and nurture it in every way.

When these two  co-ordinates are assured, there is peace and joy.

In a word, it is about creating a ‘home’ – ‘a family’ and this is the miracle of Christmas!

At this Christmas when we draw closer to the Crib, let us pray:

* Teach us Lord to transform our houses, institutions into homes where every person can rediscover

the joy of being connected to others by more than merely utilitarian and practical bonds, to be united in such a way

as to feel that our life is a bit more human.

* Teach us Lord to become persons who welcome life and nurture it – from womb to tomb.

* Teach us Lord to shake off the superfluous to rediscover that which is essential …

                                                                          –      Sr. Angeline. C, SCCG