As we enter into the Easter Triduum, the words of Julian of Norwich may help us to contemplate the love of Christ. She was illiterate, this girl who had visions of the passion of Jesus and who then,
after becoming a anchorite, described, with simple but deep and intense language, the meaning of merciful love.
She said: “Then our good Lord asked me: ‘Are you glad that I suffered for you?’. I answered him: ‘Yes, good Lord, and I am most grateful to you; yes, good Lord, may You be blessed’.
Then Jesus, our good Lord, said: ‘If you are glad, so too am I. Having suffered the passion for you is for me joy, happiness, eternal bliss; and if I could suffer more I would’”.
This is our Jesus, who says to each of us: “If I could suffer more for you, I would”.
These beautiful words allow us to truly understand the immense and boundless love that the Lord has for each one of us. Let us allow ourselves to be wrapped in this mercy which comes to meet us;
and in these days, as we keep our gaze fixed on the passion and death of the Lord, let us receive in our heart his boundless love and, like Our Lady on Saturday, in silence, let us await the Resurrection.