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practising all the virtues. Close to the Heavenly Babe I will put
            Humility in the role of a Mummy. In my love for this dear Child,
            I  will  make  sure  that  this  Mummy  Humility  will  serve  him,
            comfort him and help him. Hence I will strive to have a most
            lowly idea of myself, to have esteem for others, to keep silent
            when others praise me, to seek humiliation, to deny myself in
            everything, to be sincerely glad if others are preferred to me, if
            I am humbled, corrected or even insulted, and never to shun
            opportunities for humbling my pride.

                  As first Ladies-in-waiting at the service of the Heavenly
            Babe  I  will  post  Patience  and  Sweetness.  Therefore,  during
            this holy season, I will avoid getting impatient and hold back
            even the slightest harsh word, nor will I not get upset by the
            indiscretion  of  others,  perhaps,  not  get  annoyed  at  the
            insistent demands of the little girls, and in correcting them I will
            be always very kind and gentle.

                  I  will  attend  to  the  needs  of  the  Heavenly  Babe  by  a
            genuine,  or  I  should  say,  an  extraordinary  charity.  Every
            morning I will renew my vow of charity in my Holy Communion,
            and I will use every care to practise it with everyone, imagining
            that I am attending to the Holy Child himself.
                  As a doorkeeper of the Crib I will post Fervour and Inner
            Recollection. I will frequently ask the Heavenly Child to grant
            me these two virtues for charity’s sake, and on my part I will
            co-operate  by  doing  everything  willingly,  gladly,  thoroughly
            well: I will remain in the presence of God as much as I can,

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