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6.  I shall split the day in four parts. From 5 to 10 will be
               dedicated to the Holy Spirit and all I do during that time I mean
               to offer it in His honour and to secure His support. From 10 to
               3 will be offered to Mary: I shall unite my actions to her infinite
               merits and beg Her to act as a Mother to me. From 3 to 7 will
               be  presented  to  St  Aloysius,  with  the  aim  of  honouring  him
               with my poor work so that he too may be my faithful advocate
               before God.
                     From  7  to  11  will  be  offered  to  the  above-mentioned
               departed sister, I shall recite prayers for her soul (though she
               does  not  need  them),  so  that  she  too  may  obtain  for  me  the
               grace I desire .
                     7.  All  that  I  do  the  three  coming  days:  holy
               Communions,  prayers,  visits,  mortifications  etc.  will  be  done
               with the same aim of asking God for the grace of knowing and
               doing his most Holy Will regarding my vocation.
                     Lastly,  I  will  like  a  beggar  ask  others  to  offer  on  my
               behalf  prayers,  holy  Communions,  etc.  because  the  grace  is
               too great, and cannot be obtained except by prayer.

                     Furthermore,  I  ask  your  Reverence  to  grant  me,  for
               charity’s sake, the merit of Obedience in the little that I do, and
               your holy Blessing.

               1    Regarding the hours see foot Note pg 625.

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