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and to make it easy for myself, I will take the dear Child with
               me  wherever  I  go:  at  home,  along  the  streets,  in  Church,  in
               class, at table, in bed; I will think of Him alone, doing my best
               to please Him, to entertain him, to love him tenderly.
                     Three  times  a  day  I  will  renew  my  vow  of  Greater
               Perfection. I will always keep in mind that I am sweetly bound
               to Jesus, that I am not free to seek after my own pleasure in
               anything, that I should always seek to be humble, self-denying,
               going against my own wishes and working tirelessly for others,
               in  a  word,  live  a  crucified  life.  Every  morning,  in  my  Holy
               Communion, I will offer my whole self as a victim for his glory. I
               therefore  resolve  to  bear  peacefully  any  adversity,  any
               affliction,  any  cross,  because  I  should  not  desire  anything
               except  what  Jesus  wants;  I  should  not  love  anything  except
               what  He  loves;  I  don’t  want  to  do  anything  except  what  He
                     Very  frequently,  even  in  the  midst  of  my  work,  I  will
               withdraw inside the Crib to be with Jesus; every night without
               fail I will pay my usual visit, during which I will pray very hard
               that ...
                     Lastly,  dear  Jesus:  I  will  be  unable  to  do  anything,  or
               rather, I will only offend you even more unless you help me. I
               earnestly  commend  myself  to  your  infinite  charity;  I  do  have
               trust  that you will hear me. Grant that I may say: I will for ever
               sing of the mercies of the Lord . Dear Mary, give me your heart;
               I ask it of you in order to love your Jesus, my Jesus, with it.
               Beloved St Aloysius, pray, pray, always pray for me. Amen.

                   Original in Latin “Misericordias Domini in aeternum cantabo”.

                                          - 683 -
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